Standing Beside Alaska's Non-Profits

Vision Partners

Foraker Vision partnerships are opportunities for individuals, larger nonprofits, small businesses, corporations, foundations and government entities to share our vision to promote a healthy and thriving nonprofit sector. Annual partnerships, with the opportunity for co-branding, ensure that contributors receive recognition for their commitment to the sector.

Foraker is a statewide organization that has become a vital partner to organizations in every corner of Alaska. Foraker forms partnerships with staff, board, and volunteers from businesses, governments and other organizations — working together to create a vibrant nonprofit sector in Alaska. As a Foraker contributor you are more than a financial resource to us. We value your ideas, your energy, and your commitment to nonprofits in Alaska. Our goal is to work with you as a donor to find meaningful ways for you to support the work of strengthening the sector.

As a Vision Partner, you make Foraker’s work come alive. Your contributions to The Foraker Group are leveraged to support the entire sector — and your generosity is appreciated and recognized. Please join us at a level that is appropriate for you, your business, or your organization. Together we will continue to strengthen the sector and build healthy communities.

To become a Vision Partner, contact Laurie Wolf at 907-743-1200 or email

Vision Partner Levels
Partner Up to $1,000
Leadership Partner $1,000+
Collaboration Partner $5,000+
Sustainability Partner $10,000+
Core Vision Partner $25,000+
Pick.Click.Give. Partner Amount varies

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Vision Partners


Core Vision Partner ($25,000+)
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Sustainability Partners ($10,000 – $24,999)

Leadership Partner ($1,001 to $5,000)
Partners (Up to $1,000 )
  • Jaeleen Araujo*
  • Steve Marshall*
  • Brian Rogers*
  • Jeff Jessee*
  • Stan Bennion*
  • Bryan Butcher*
  • Joe Everhart*
  • Elizabeth Ripley*
  • Kris Norosz*
  • Joan O’Keefe*
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia
  • Sammye Pokryfki
Pick.Click.Give Partners 2017

Pick Click Give

  • Anonymous x2
  • Stephanie Allen*
  • Lisa Aquino*
  • Bruce Botelho*
  • Angela Cox*
  • Patuk Glenn
  • Zane Jones
  • Diane Kaplan*
  • Gabe Layman*
  • Jillian Lush
  • Jordan Marshall
  • Joel Neimeyer
  • Joan O’Keefe*
  • Deena Bishop*
  • Rebecca Savidis*
  • Chellie Skoog*
  • Joy Steward*
  • John Van Alstine
  • Bernie Washington*
  • Laurie Wolf*

* Current or Past Foraker board and staff

Momentum Circle
Steve Marshall
Jeff Cook